Is breakfast necessary? (Or how to eat big meals and stay lean) - Max Lowery #248

11.25.2019 - By Zestology: Live with energy, vitality and motivation

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Are you a breakfast eater or not? There are those of us who eat breakfast and there are those who don't, but most of us feel like we should - we have had it drummed into us. That's where Celebrity Trainer (and friend of Zestology) Max Lowery comes in. Max's CV: • Creator - The 2 Meal Day • Author • Mountain Guide - @connect_retreats • Columnist - @telegraph • Ambassador - @vivobarefoot And here's what he says about skipping breakfast:  "I enjoy eating LARGE meals and feeling satisfied after eating. If I were to eat three large meals with snacks in between I would certainly be consuming more than I was burning. The 2 Meal Day has allowed me to stay lean effortlessly, all year round"  

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