Is Resveratrol a Longevity Compound?

12.30.2019 - By FoundMyFitness

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In this episode, Rhonda gives a summary of the science of resveratrol including its effects in animals and humans, mechanisms, and the bottom line on resveratrol supplementation and safety. Learn more about resveratrol at our comprehensive overview Relevant timepoints... 00:03:39 - Clinical effects of resveratrol in humans 00:04:10 - Effects on cardiovascular health biomarkers in humans 00:06:54 - Reduction of inflammatory biomarkers in humans 00:08:11 - Improved cognition and memory in clinical studies 00:11:23 - Healthspan improvements in animals 00:12:28 - Induction of longevity genes via xenohormesis 00:16:19 - Contradictory effects on exercise-associated benefits 00:20:34 - Various factors that affect resveratrol bioavailability 00:23:09 - Unintentional effects on drug metabolism Get earlier access with the premium members early access podcast feed, monthly Q&A; sessions, an exclusive bi-weekly science digest email, and more! Click here to learn about premium. Click here to sign-up for a three issue trial of the bi-monthly science digest.

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