025: Is the Press Release Dead?

11.06.2018 - By Pitching PR

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Today on the podcast we are asking the question: Is the press release dead? And the three worst rookie mistakes you can make when writing one. To help us decide if press releases still have a pulse is Alistair Clay - an award-winning former national journalist with 20 years’ experience working in the media and PR. He is the founder of Class:PR, the online PR training school, which has helped 100s of startups and small businesses around the world land major media coverage. Topics: Allistar’s move from Journalism to PR and how class PR got its start. Is the Press Release as we know it dead? Tips for writing a catchy headline or subject line. How the press release has evolved from old school to new school. Teaching Clients to think like a Journalist. Top three Rookie mistakes This podcast is courtesy of Pitch Graphic Design, a Toronto based design agency that exclusively works with PR Agencies; helping them create award-winning campaigns and win new clients. If you are looking to secure new clients and with Lesley at Pitch, please fill out the contact form. Quotes: “If you can’t encapsulate your news in fewer than twenty-five words it isn’t news.” -Alistair Clay Resources: Class PR Pitch Graphic Design on Instagram

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