It’s Worse for Us

08.01.2019 - By The Bible as Literature

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One of the strangest characteristics of religious psychology is the commonly held belief that those who have received instruction are better than those left untaught. We don’t phrase it that way, but the implication of consumerized evangelism is that others need what we have so that they can become like us. It is precisely this arrogant mentality that is condemend in Matthew’s gospel. What the others truly need is not us but what we were given despite our wickedness to save them from becoming as evil as we are. Moreover, our wickedness knows no bounds, not only for having passed judgment on them, but for refusing to bear fruit for their sake through instruction.

Truly, “it will be more tolerable for the land of Sodom in the day of judgment” than it will be for us. (Matthew 11:24)

Richard and Fr. Marc discuss the Matthew 11:20-24.

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