Ep. 144 - Jas The Moon Mother on Taking Your Power Back & Being Your Purpose

04.30.2021 - By EXPANDED Podcast with Lacy Phillips

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What if instead of looking for your purpose, you realized you are the purpose? On today’s episode of Expanded, we welcome our guest Jas The Moon Mother! She is a Human Design guide and Empowerment coach who helps people tap into their soul’s true purpose and identity.

Jas joins our host Jessica to discuss spirituality, sovereignty, metamorphosis and the journey of "finding your purpose." She also speaks about her own personal journey, from hitting a rock bottom to manifesting the beautiful life and career she has now. It’s a fantastic resource to help you find your own purpose in life, and we know it will serve you so well!

Find the Complete Show Notes Here -> https://tobemagnetic.com/expanded-podcast

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