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By Jay Dyer

What's Jay's Analysis about?

Jay Dyer is an author, lecturer, and television presenter known for his popular philosophy and film-focused site, JaysAnalysis.com, as well as writing Esoteric Hollywood: Sex Cults and Symbols in Film, and co-creating, co-writing and co-presenting the television series Hollywood Decoded with Jay Weidner on the Gaia network. Jay's graduate work focused in analytical philosophy and the interplay of espionage, geopolitics and propaganda, while in the last few years Jay has been a guest on countless nationally-syndicated radio shows, television and comedy shows, academic conferences and large podcasts. JaysAnalysis contains over original 1,000 articles and hundreds of audio interviews, reaching now 1/2 million readers and listeners per month. Jay's traditionally-published book reached number 1 on Amazon's Film & Hollywood category and will soon be followed by a sequel, Esoteric Hollywood 2: More Sex, Cults and Symbols in Film.
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Jay Dyer of https://jaysanalysis.com guest hosts The hAlex J0nes Show with canceled pro skater “Joe Weckinghamerstein” of instagram fame to expose the New World 0rder. We cover the infiltration and use of niche subcultures, big corporations, and the illuminate confirm. ...

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