Episode 205 - Jeff Smith

11.01.2021 - By Cleared Hot

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Growing up in the mountains and fields outside of Pendleton, Oregon, Jeff Smith has spent most of his life surrounded by, and working in, the agricultural industry. In 2005, he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Business from Colorado State University and has become a highly skilled business consultant specializing in food production and heavy construction, with an emphasis on sales, operations, and business development. He has led business initiatives with a wide range of objectives, and throughout his career, he’s had direct exposure to the business cycles of over 30 different commodities. Building on his early career successes, Jeff worked in private equity before establishing his own consulting firm. He continues to apply his experience and knowledge to his clients’ unique situations, helping them reach their financial and business goals while also ensuring they are set up for long-term success. In 2015, Jeff and his wife Kara; (a fifth-generation cattle rancher from the plains of Eastern Colorado) moved back to the family ranch just outside Akron, CO that was settled in 1913. After some discussion, Jeff and Kara founded Colorado Craft Beef in 2017 as a way to diversify the ranch’s operations and establish a business model that can meet the demands of current and future generations. Capitalizing on current eCommerce trends and technology, Colorado Craft Beef offers high-end beef delivered straight from their ranch to customers’ homes and businesses. To date, they have shipped to 49 states, and continue to grow due to their commitment to a great customer experience. Jeff and Kara share a passion for agriculture, endeavoring to do their part to ensure people not only have access to nutritious foods but also remain engaged with the process that allows all of us to have sustainable food stocks that are available when and where we need them. https://helixsleep.com/clearedhot https://drinklmnt.com/clearedhot https://betterhelp.com/clearedhot https://magicspoon.com/clearedhot  

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