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04.08.2021 - By The Psychology Podcast

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Jesse Singal is a contributing writer at New York and the former editor of the magazine’s Science of Us online vertical, as well as the cohost of the podcast Blocked and Reported. His work has appeared in The New York Times, The Atlantic, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Slate, The Boston Globe, The Daily Beast, and other publications. He was a Bosch Fellow in Berlin and holds a master’s degree from Princeton University’s School of Public and International Affairs. His book The Quick Fix: Why Fad Psychology Can't Cure Our Social Ills will be published in April.


[1:45] How Jesse caught on to the issue of junk science
[5:18] What is "fad psychology"?
[10:30] Jesse’s critique of mindset interventions
[19:03] The challenges that scientists face
[20:10] Why do we hold scientists to a higher standard than self-help gurus?
[24:46] How valid is the Implicit Association Test (IAT)?
[29:00] Jesse’s thoughts on implicit bias
[31:39] Jesse and Scott discuss Angela Duckworth’s research on grit
[40:34] What does it mean to be living in the “age of fracture”?
[42:05] How Jesse responds to those who claim to benefit from non-scientifically validated self-help interventions
[45:16] Jesse’s thoughts on the science of self-esteem
[50:00] Jesse and Scott discuss monocausal vs multicausal accounts of human behavior

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