#174 - Jesus Is Better Than Meth...? - The Highness of Christian Hosoi

08.27.2019 - By Crime in Sports

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This week, we peek into the air to see a man soaring over head... then crashing hard, down to earth. He was a beach kid, turned one of the most exciting skateboarders on earth, mixing technical precision with daring heights, and cool style, all his own. But the party scene got to him. He tried it all, but settled on meth, and continued to destroy his career & life, until a warrant for his arrest makes him miss the opportunity to make millions, and be more famous than Tony Hawk! Plus, a major airport meth bust... He's got it all!!

Be more daring than the next guy, make Tony Hawk jealous of your moves, and throw it all away with pounds of meth with Christian Hosoi!!

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