Jimmy Robertson

07.12.2021 - By True Crime All The Time

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Jimmy Robertson had it all. He was born into a loving family who had considerable wealth. He went to the best schools and had all of the opportunities to succeed. But, He flamed out of college and began using drugs and alcohol heavily. He also began committing petty crimes. He was mad at his family because they stopped supporting him financially. He made the decision that his best option was to kill his parents in order to get his hands on his inheritance sooner rather than later.

Join Mike and Gibby as they discuss Jimmy Robertson, a man who murdered both his mother and father in a brutal fashion in a drug-fueled rage. How did a kid who had every opportunity to succeed squander it away? And, even when that happened, how could a young man make the decision to murder the two people who had brought him into the world and tried to give him everything they could?

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