Jonah Raydio

By Jonah Ray Rodrigues

What's Jonah Raydio about?

Proud progenitor of #thegreatpodcastswindle. Since 2012, Jonah Ray, Neil Mahoney and Cash Hartzell have argued, laughed, loved and gradually cut back on their drinking all while loosely discussing and playing submitted music. The three man team, often with a guest, sometimes without, are constantly pushing boundaries in the medium of "music news" Not since Rolling Stone introduced us to the New Journalism of Tom Wolfe and Hunter S. Thompson has a medium given rise to an artistic movement more clearly than podcasting and Jonah Raydio. And as an investment in the phrase "the best music is the best because it's personal" each week our heroes match a situation, a hypothetical question with their own personal favorite. Past "themes" have resulted in a fantasy novel based on Run The Jewels, a playlist of Beta Male Bachelor Party bangers and new directions for corporate entity radio stations. Jonah Raydio w/Cash feat. Neil. It's not your daddy's music podcast. It's Jonah's.

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#256 NeiledIt!


INCLUDES CLIPS FROM #1 Episode 2 #42 Exploded Episode #43 Crooked Episode, Crooked Episode #54 The Bed is in The Episode #75 You're Episoding All Over Me #86 King of the Episode #100 The Hundredth #109 Jonah and The Solos ...

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