Jorn, God of Winter Deck Tech - Ep83

02.10.2021 - By Commander Social

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Patreon Patreon Contest - Which Magic card has the most metal name? You could win a Kaldheim collector’s booster. We’re streaming with patrons most Thursdays now, so watch out for the message on slack to sign up to be eligible for that week.  Ryan - @greenegeek Zack - @z4ck38 Together - @commandersocial   You can find us on Twitter SOCIALSHIP - free shipping on orders of $50 or more SOCIAL10 - 10% off in stock MTG singles Thursday nights come play at mothership! Our LGS has setup an online store! @MothershipGames - 7:47 @scryfall - 12:01 Ep 82 Community Spotlight: Of all the things I love in magic, Sultai, snow lands, and mana doubling are pretty high up there. So after Ryan and I spoke about Jorn, God of Winter last week it got my gears going and I built this deck. Disclaimer: This is the first draft, so I can’t guarantee it will work great, but I think it will be fun. I also want to note that this is 100% a combo deck, so keep that in mind. Decklist - Jorn, God of Winter // Kaldring, the Rimestaff Commander Maze of Ith Sculptor of Winter Rime Tender Frost Raptor Ice-Fang Coatl Commander Synergy Heartbeat of Spring Mana Reflection Dictate of Karametra Mana Doublers Horn of Greed Tatyova, Benthic druid Rhystic Study Consecrated Sphinx Stroke of Genius Draw Feed the Swarm Assassin's Trophy Vraska's Contempt Putrefy Force of Vigor Single Target Removal Dead of Winter Blood on the Snow Mass Removal Crop Rotation Sylvan Scrying Gyre Engineer The usual ramp package Ramp Fierce Guardianship Swan Song Mystic Confluence Mana Drain Negate Counterspells Vedalken Orrery Leyline of Anticipation Flex Sakura-Tribe Scout / Llanowar Scout / Skyshroud Ranger / Walking Atlas + Retreat to Coralhelm + Karoo Land Infinite Landfall Freed from the Real / Gyre Engineer Basalt Monolith / Rings of Brighthearth Infinite Landfall + Lotus Cobra Infinite Mana Infinite Turns Mystical Tutor + Seasons Past + Time Warp Sakura-Tribe Scout / Llanowar Scout / Skyshroud Ranger /Walking Atlas + Retreat to Hagra + Karoo Land Kill Table + Gain infinite Life  Infinite Landfall + Zendikar's Roil Infinite 2/2’s Other Combos Stroke of Genius + Thassa’s Oracle Torment of Hailfire Exsanguinate Mana Sinks Dark Depths + Thespian’s Stage Marit Lage's Slumber Other WinCons Glacial Revelation Aqueous Form Tyrite Sanctum Sunstone Mouth of Ronom Narfi, Betrayer King Cards Ryan would add! Winter Orb Static Orb Back to Basics If you want to be mean: Main Topic - Salty Snow Sultai Summary - So this is my combo-tastic mana doubling seems totally fun to me. Yes there are a lot of combos, but they all require quite a bit of setup and you can scale the power up or down based on the number of tutors you run by removing some of the combos we talked about and adding other good stuff.  Keep it Social! Komiku - Battle of Pogs Zack Gets it Together Theme Consider becoming a Patron: You can check us out at YouTube - You can email us directly at [email protected] Instagram: On twitter @commandersocial Ryan individually @greenegeek Zack individually @z4ck38 Contact Info © Copyright 2021 Leaky Dinghy, LLC

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