94 - Journal Club Monthly Wrap Podcast November/December 2019

12.23.2019 - By Simulcast

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Ben and Vic discuss the paper of the month and consider the learning impact for active participants versus observers in sim. Vic stumbles her way through explaining a meta-analysis… 

Delisle, M., Ward, M., Pradarelli, J., Panda, N., Howard, J. and Hannenberg, A. (2019). Comparing the Learning Effectiveness of Healthcare Simulation in the Observer Versus Active Role. Simulation in Healthcare: Simulation in Healthcare, 14(5), pp.318-332. 


We continued the theme of ‘methods and metrics’ and considered a Delphi study used to develop an evaluation tool for scenarios 

 Hernandez J, Frallicciardi A, Nadir N, et al. Development of a Simulation Scenario Evaluation Tool (SSET): modified Delphi study. BMJ Simulation and Technology Enhanced Learning Published Online First: 13 December 2019.  

And considered a proposed adjunct to the description phase of debriefing 

Secheresse, T., Nonglaton, S. The “Timeline Debriefing Tool”: a tool for structuring the debriefing description phase. Adv Simul 4, 29 (2019) 

And in the Christmas spirit – Ben trialled a Santa Simulator from roblox… compete against him if you dare…. 



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