61: Judge a Book By HIS Cover with John Vairo Jr

03.03.2021 - By Caviar Dreams, Tuna Fish Budget with Margaret Josephs

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John Vairo Jr is immediately identifiable with his fabulous signature facial hair and incredibly chic and unique sense of style. He exudes creativity and style and in his role as art director at Simon and Schuster he is trusted by authors, celebrities, musicians and models to create a cover that speaks as much to their story as the audience it draws in. Navigating seamlessly between his vision, the author's direction and the constraints of creating a bestseller, John truly is the ultimate! It was always a dream to work with him and Margaret had the opportunity when creating her own cover for caviar dreams tuna fish Budget and we are grateful now to check that off our list of goals and are blessed to call him friend! Join us as we talk about the importance of image, branding yourself to success, pop culture icons and the overuse of the word iconic in today’s Insta famous society

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