Episode 215 - Kara Smith and Nic Mckinley

01.10.2022 - By Cleared Hot

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Kara Smith spent 12 years as an intelligence analyst with the Air Force where she deployed supporting counter-terrorism operations tracking and locating terrorists. After leaving the Air Force, Kara worked at the NSA and then at the FBI in the Terrorist Screening Operations Unit as a Senior Intelligence Analyst assisting the FBI in identifying and monitoring persons on the terrorist watch list. Kara is now a senior analyst with Deliverfund and has helped take numerous traffickers off the streets by providing support to local, state, and federal law enforcement. Whether from her office or in the back of an undercover vehicle, Kara provides real-time information about the location of traffickers and their victims, using P.A.T.H.™ (Platform for the Analysis and Targeting of Human Traffickers) software developed by DeliverFund, in-depth social media analysis, and other cutting-edge technology. Nic Mckinley spent 11 years in US Special Operations as an Air Force Pararescueman prior to being recruited to the Central Intelligence Agency. While serving as a Country Chief for a Special Unit within the CIA he witnessed not only the epidemic of child trafficking within illicit markets but also the unrealized opportunity to apply his understanding and training to influence this global crisis. When Nic began to work with experts to better understand the problem in the United States he found it impossible to turn a blind eye. As a result, DeliverFund was officially established as a 501c3 in October 2014 as a counter-human trafficking organization, focused on ending sex slavery in the United States. To support the fight against human trafficking please visit: https://www.deliverfund.org  

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