Kickoff Clash Finale & Toronto In TURMOIL!? | Tactical Crouch Ep. 238

06.08.2022 - By Tactical Crouch - A Competitive Overwatch Podcast

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With KDG out, do the Defiant have a plan for the future? Can Dpei turn the Vancouver Titans around mid-season? And did we have our Faker all along? AVRL, Yiska and Volamel review the finale of the Kickoff Clash as well as touch base on some of the biggest roster shuffles after the league's first stage.
00:00:00 - Introduction

00:04:49 - Toronto Turmoil: KDG out, Mobydik promoted

00:41:25 - Titans turnover: Seicoe, Flubby, Pew out, Dpei in

00:58:35 - Eternal leaving for Las Vegas. other trademarks up in the air

01:21:22 - Guangzhou drops Molly

01:25:58 - Dallas event recap

01:38:59 - Reflecting on the stage 1 meta

01:49:15 - A bit of praise for Face & Smash

01:55:27 - Shock show weakness and talk on push game mode

02:15:44 - Recapping APAC's Kickoff Clash

02:29:56 - Yiska on Seoul pred & love of Profit

02:49:42 - Would Seoul be even better if Jjonak stayed?

02:52:18 - Glads vs Seoul, who you got?

02:58:39 - Wrapping up

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