186: Killer Kid Movies: The Bad Seed and The Good Son

06.04.2021 - By Guide to the Unknown

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Not every child is a sweet little joy. Some of them want to KILL YOU. We talk about the murderous tot movie that started it all, the 50s classic The Bad Seed, which holds up like gangbusters. Then we fast-forward to the 90s movie The Good Son, starring Macauley Culkin as a homicidal child terrorizing Elijah Wood! For full sources and links, visit http://www.gttupod.com/home/gttu186 Support GTTU and get access to monthly bonus podcasts, a private Discord, monthly livestreams, and more at patreon.com/gttupod. Thank you so much! See everything GTTU-related at gttupod.com. Watch videos of all of our episodes at youtube.com/talkbomb Follow us online: https://www.instagram.com/gttupod https://www.facebook.com/gttupod https://www.twitter.com/gttupod Join our private Facebook group at facebook.com/groups/gttupod

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