La Cultura & Codependency

01.08.2020 - By Latinx Therapy

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What is codependency for you? The following therapists use personal examples but also examples they use in the therapy setting. We define codependency, discuss cultural signs that may indicate we are codependent, overcoming codependency & more.  Our speakers were: Luis Cornejo, LMFT @psychosocial_media Stefany Fuentes, LMFT @vidacounselingandconsulting Claudette Meystayer, LCSW– Nicaragua – addictions - @therapywithclaudette Evelyn Mejia, LMFT - @lamaripositahealing We were hosted by Palo Alto University’s campus. Resources: Find a Latinx Therapist: Codependent anonymous groups: 11 síntomas característicos de la codependencia emocional Book: Anger Management Essentials;=1789&creative;=9325&creativeASIN;=0615964001&linkCode;=as2&tag;=latinxthera00-20&linkId;=95129a4b3516299beed1b061607a6844 Book: Codependent No More by Melanie Beattie  Book: Women Who Love Too Much by Robin Norwood Therapists- To sign up for our directory, visit For any other questions, contact us at [email protected]  

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