Lake Clarity

By Midnight Disease Productions

What's Lake Clarity about?

Five teens head up to Camp Clarity to celebrate their last summer together, but little do they know they're about to stumble on dark secrets that surround the lake.
Caves, concrete structures, and eerie coincidences are a common place around Lake Clarity. Before they know it, the teens find themselves face to face with an evil force that's been locked away for a long time.

Join Seth, Ally, Mike, Erin, and Brandon as they adventure through the Lake Clarity area, and discover the past of the supposedly cursed campgrounds!

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251 ratings

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Season 3 News & Margaret's ...


At long last, I'm back with some news about Season 3, namely a release date, what happens next, and what's happening now. Listen on Spotify Listen on Apple Podcasts Written by Pacific S. Obadiah & Jonathan Goldberg Script Edited by ...

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