Lamentations: I Call to Mind - SW Campus

11.24.2019 - By Southeast Christian Church

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What do you do with the reality that many situations in this life leave us feeling anything but thankful? As the world threatens to fill our minds with everything broken in this world, how do we live with honest awareness and great hope? Healthy starts with honesty- the writer of Lamentations does not gloss over grief, but dives straight into a passionate expression of the pain that has ravaged not only individual lives, but a nation. While the world focuses in on the great chaos and confusion, the writer instead chooses to call to mind the love, compassion, mercy and faithfulness of God within the darkest moments of a people. The writer calls to mind who God is, using that as the lens by which they see the broken world- not the other way around. In the midst of your own circumstances what will you call to mind? Because what you call to mind will shape how you live. What if you viewed your circumstances as an opportunity for others to see the difference Jesus makes? Imagine what might happen if your life served as a tangible representation of these few verses of hope surrounded by a world of darkness. Speaker: James Hauser

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