Law of Attraction During Lockdown - Jeannette Maw #317

03.22.2021 - By Zestology: Energy, vitality and motivation

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Your favourite Law of Attraction expert, as seen on Oprah and as heard on Zestology (multiple times). Jeannette Maw is more fun and attracting more good vibes than ever before. Lockdown has been quite the experience for her, as she's been forced to use all her law of attraction secrets more effectively than ever. She describes herself as "full time manifesting geek" and good vibes coach, and I think you'll be feeling the good vibes after this.  In this way you will explore. Today's podcast partner is CogniBiotics, the breakthrough mood-enhancing formula made by BiOptimizers. This formula starts with a solid foundation of prebiotics and probiotics to support gut health and positive feelings in a safe and natural way. But it doesn’t stop there! CogniBiotics also includes 17 powerful brain herbs to enhance mood, manage stress, and improve memory. If you think about it, CogniBiotics is almost like two supplements in one because of how it supports your mood and brain health through two different channels. Oh, and here’s the best part… CogniBiotics comes with a full ONE-YEAR guarantee, so I encourage you to try it risk-free and see for yourself how much better you feel. Simply go to and use ZESTOLOGY10 to receive 10% off any order. (UK customers head to and use the code ZESTOLOGY10 on any order

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