229: Lawyer At Life w/ Rob Crews

06.05.2022 - By Two Jacked Bros

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Rob Crews is a very funny comedian making a name for himself on the exploding Philly Comedy Scene. Rob is one of the few people to ever convert from musician to comedian and actually be funny. We were lucky enough to get to sit down with this blue collar philosopher and take him down the path to enlightenment so that you can laugh your way to a higher consciousness. 
Rob Crews on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theattentionhorse/
Rob Crews alongside Na’im Ali and Dru Montana host Durag and the Deertag: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/durag-and-the-deertag/id1480760373
Rob Crews alongside Cody Wright host the podcast Wuddup with Rob and Cody: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/wuddup-w-rob-and-cody/id1470382359
Two Jacked Bros is the only comedy podcast that injects honest, unfiltered, and truly enlightening conversations into your soul. Sidney and Ansley truly believe that every personality type can achieve a higher consciousness without becoming unfunny soft-talking dorks about it.  If you like to laugh at inappropriate things but also think your sense of humor doesn’t exempt you from opening your chakras wether you know what a chakra is or not, then Two Jacked Bros is your vibe. Come join the Jacked Cult and balance your frequency with laughter.
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Ansley and Sidney are a heterosexual couple of 21 plus years and are raising their three bi-racial kids together. Sidney is a stand up comedian, practitioner of jiu jitsu, and constantly fantasizes about stopping a a real life crime then saying something funny about it when interviewed by the news. Ansley is a Jiu Jitsu competitor that is constantly saying funny things and if she wasn’t such a jock she’d be one of those white chicks with dirty feet and a crystal collection. Together, they are the Two Jacked Bros! 
Each Guest gets the same 7 questions, with each question being associated with opening a different Chakra from the bottom up:
Root Chakra- How did you learn to overcome fear? 
Pelvis Chakra- Who, what, or where deserves an apology from you?
Gut Chakra- How do you overcome disappointment?
Heart Chakra- What have you learned from grief?
Throat Chakra- What is your favorite lie to tell?
Third Eye Chakra- What are two things you used to see as separate but now realize they are the same?
Crown Chakra- What is something you can’t give up and w

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