Lawyer up! The MyPayrollHR fraud saga continues

09.25.2019 - By Cloud Accounting Podcast

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Gusto’s Will Lopez joins us to give his take on the continuing MyPayrollHR fraud saga. This week, Cachet gets hit with multiple class-action suits; Michael Mann, CEO of MyPayrollHR, lawyers up with a defense attorney specializing in white-collar crime, and New York politicians, inspired by this scandal, want tighter payroll-industry regulation. In other news, point-of-sale companies are tracking your tipping habits, why the founder of WeWork’s personality helped the company’s rise, but might also cause its fall, and we examine the number-one factor accounting firms need to consider when selling the firm. We’ll also look at big money - Practice Ignition’s $26 million raise, and Stripe’s $35 billion valuation - and even more of the latest accounting and bookkeeping news.

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