Learn German-ish 004

07.16.2012 - By Learn German with Paul Wheaton

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Paul Wheaton learns German with ­­Susanne Schneider. Some words and expressions they cover include: house, idea, cat, girl, where is the toilet, pie, when is lunch, I'm hungry, I'm thirsty, which way is south, how cold does it get here, rain, snow, and how much precipitation is there here. They talk about masculine, feminine, and neutral articles for nouns. They talk about being formal and informal. They talk about German "coffee" on the weekends, which includes cake. Paul talks about permaculture, which requires no irrigation. He is learning these words so he will be able to communicate with permaculturalist Sepp Holzer. They talk about celcius and temperature. They talk about reversing desertification. They talk about translating.

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