Learn German-ish 001

07.12.2012 - By Learn German with Paul Wheaton

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Paul Wheaton learns German with Susanne Schneider. Paul shares about Hogan's Heroes. Susanne is a native German speaker, and learned English in the 5th grade. They both know Sepp Holzer, who speaks Austrian German, and Susanne used to translate for him. Sepp has done many permaculture projects greening the desert, including in Spain and Portugal. Sepp invited Paul to come work with him in Siberia. They talk about the Austrian accent. Sepp would like Paul to come travel with him, so Paul would like to learn German. Paul shares about the Pimsluer method, which Susanne used to learn Spanish. Paul talks about German for Dummies. They talk about formal and informal words, as well as masculine and feminine. Some words they cover include: good day, good morning, yes, no, excuse me, school, you, one, two, three, four, boat, English, understand, smoke, and bye. They talk about pronunciation, and some cultural things in Germany.

German for Dummies

German for Dummies

Fast Talk German

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