Lebanese archaeology with rose apple pie

08.14.2016 - By Cooking with Archaeologists: Food, fieldwork, and stories.

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Nada Elias from the University of Bordeaux talks with us about her fascinating research into the funerary practices and biological identities during the Lebanese Roman Period (1st century B.C. - 4th century A.D.). Her research involved over 250 individuals from two sites located in modern day Lebanon. Nada discusses with us her findings and the significance of her exciting work. Nada has recently returned from field work in Turkey. Where she had the privilege to work on one archaeology's most prestigious sites- Catal Huyuk. She shares with us her experience working on such complex excavation. From the interview,  you get the impression that it was a lot of work but that she was surrounded by wonderful people. Finally, Nada reveals to us her mind blowing apple pie recipe. Check out her recipe and photo for this amazing pie!!    

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