LeBron James vs. Donald Trump, evolving threes, bubble eavesdropping

08.07.2020 - By Open Floor: SI's NBA Show

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Ben Golliver and Michael Pina open by discussing the back-and-forth between LeBron James and Donald Trump over the NBA's kneeling demonstrations. Did LeBron show a strategic shift from the "U bum" showdown in 2017? Then, they double back quickly to Jonathan Isaac's demonstration to discuss why some people draw a distinction between Black lives mattering in general and the Black Lives Matter movement specifically. From there, Ben and Michael dig into Michael's story on one-dribble three-pointers. Why have they grown in popularity? Why do they matter so much in the modern game? They close with questions from the Open Floor Globe on what it sounds like to hear players and referees banter in the empty bubble gyms, whether too many fouls are being called, and how helpful Gordon Hayward is at this stage of his career. 
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