Legalism, Faith and Works with Monica Ritchie

06.08.2021 - By Truth Talks with Tara

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The 2021 Girl Defined Conference is coming July 30-31st. To learn more, click here:   One of the most popular questions in the Christian faith can be about this idea of "faith and works." The Bible tells us that our faith is dead without works (or action). That can be scary and intimidating.   Monica Ritchie, founder of Pineapple Momma and seminary student, is joining us today to talk about this topic, the idea of "legalism", the definition of true faith and so much more.   Listen in as she unpacks multiple Scripture passages, defines these terms and makes it so clear! We're saved by grace alone, but we're called to WORK for God.   Follow Monica on Instagram:   Visit Monica's blog:

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