Leo Laporte - The Tech Guy: 1862

01.23.2022 - By The Tech Guy (Video)

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The Shine Bathroom Automated Toilet Cleaner, TV defaulting to smart TV functionalities, older phones and 3G functionality disabled at the end of the year, moving the closed captioning around on your TV, Apple ID & iCloud issues, disabling the Windows 11 upgrade popup, replacing an old universal power supply, supporting a content creator, and an iPhone overheating and more issues after replacing the battery. Plus, chatting with Sam Abuelsamid, Chris Marquardt, and Rod Pyle!
EU Digital Services Act passed
FCC vs FAA over 5G, C-Band Deployment
Shine Bathroom Automated Toilet Cleaner
VIZIO TV defaulting to Smart TV functionalities
Will my phone actually stop working when 3G is disabled?
Unable to get closed caption moved from the middle to the bottom
Apple ID & iCloud issues
Phishing scams
Disabling the Windows 11 upgrade pop-up
Replacing an old UPS (universal power supply) after 10+ years
Supporting someone who is a "content creator"
iPhone issues after overheating and after the battery was replaced
Host: Leo Laporte
Guests: Sam Abuelsamid, Chris Marquardt, and Rod Pyle
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