Episode 81. Let's Dive into a cool magical library that makes Java way less verbose!

03.03.2019 - By Java Pub House

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Ah, Project Lombok is one of those little gems in the Java Ecosystem. But it's interestingly controversial! Some will love it (as I do), others will hate it! But no matter which camp you land on, you should at least know about it! Project Lombok allows you to, quite easily create your equals/hashcode method, or create a builder pattern for your class, or even generate your getters/setters. All while just adding a simple annotation to your class. How does it do it? (hint. It's preprocessing bytecode magic) But holy cow, when used responsibly, Lombok allows you to write so little code for a ton of cases. So come take a look at why this library is powerful (and learn its benefits, and as importantly, its pitfalls) FOLLOW US JavaPubHouse on twitter! Where we will be sharing new tech news, and tutorials! We also have been revamping our site so go there, take a look, listen to old episodes, or search them! We thank DataDogHQ for sponsoring this podcast episode Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to our cool NewsCast! Java Off Heap Project Lombok Intro to Project Lombok Lombok Github Repo Do you like the episodes? Want more? Help us out! Buy us a beer! And Follow us! @javapubhouse and @fguime and @bobpaulin  

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