Letters To My Fanny - The Podcast

By Cherry Healey

What's Letters To My Fanny - The Podcast about?

Welcome to my Podcast inspired by my book ‘Letters To My Fanny’ where I share all sorts of thoughts and shenanigans about being a woman. This podcast is to restore the chatter balance and find out what other people think of similar thoughts and shenanigans. I'm going to burrow like a truffle hog into the wondrous depths of a human being on a mission to uncover answers to the great mysteries of the universe. And also to find out what they had for breakfast. I hope you enjoy these natterings.

Produced by Shola Aleje

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EP. 20 - Starting a busines...


In this episode I talk to Angelica Malin, founder of the online lifestyle magazine About Time. We talk about starting a business, the highs and lows of being your own boss, the modern work world, wearing spandex to work, being ...

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