Libertine Fragrance - ep3 - MakersMoment

04.24.2019 - By Royal Bison Art and Craft Fair

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This episode is all about the art world of smells. Yup, perfume. Josh Smith of Libertine Fragrance has been making scents for five years, since he made a perfume for a design school project. He tells us about the weird world of perfumes, the existence of scent reviewers (with YouTube channels! What!) and about his first career in forestry - it’s rad to hear designers and makers come from all sorts of places.

We’ll hear about how perfume school is a thing, about making scents in Edmonton, the inspiration behind Josh’s perfumes (and a little history lesson on 19th century France), and making friends through smells. Josh tells us how perfume is a really good way to look at issues around sustainability and climate change, why we might all smell differently in the future, and where the idea of perfuming came from.

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