Life is Short with Justin Long

By Wondery

What's Life is Short with Justin Long about?

Hi, I’m Justin Long. I was raised by an actor and a philosophy professor, which gave me an insatiable curiosity for human behavior. As an actor, I find the minutiae of people’s personalities fascinating. And as I get older (I'm 40!), I’m thinking more about what makes people tick, and what ticks people off. In my new podcast, I’m so lucky to be talking to some of our greatest actors, musicians, athletes, and thinkers. I’ll ask them deep, meaningful questions like: What’s your favorite emoji? And, How do you get most out of life before you die?

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Bill Burr


Bill Burr (Paper Tiger) talks to Justin about making the most out of each day, and how sometimes, the only way to forget about an awkward memory is to shout it out of your mind while you’re alone in the ...

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