Life. Unrestricted.

By Meret Boxler

What's Life. Unrestricted. about?

Aren’t you tired of hating your body, tired of counting calories, tired of making your scale decide whether you get to feel good today or (more likely) not? Aren’t you tired of feeling guilty for eating what you like, tired of exercising obsessively to get rid of that guilt? Tired of the negative self-talk-chatter in your head?
Aren’t we all?
So. Welcome home.
Let’s start this journey toward body positivity, a better body image, acceptance of diversity and a more balanced approach to health; goodbye to body negativity, fat-phobia, disordered eating and a compulsive relationship to exercise. Confidence is an inside job and it’s high time we bust the myth that weight should dictate our worth. Let’s start this journey to loving our bodies from a Health At Every Size perspective and let’s nourish our body, mind and soul without going crazy.

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