Light's out at Flannan Isle

11.25.2017 - By The Hidden Staircase

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In 1900 Three lighthouse keepers, Ducat, Marshall and McAuthur disappeared from Flannan Isle. There was nothing left behind to help those in the search. Myth and Legend has always surrounded the Seven Hunters. Listen and form your own opinion of what happened.The Hidden Staircase podcast is an American Crimecast productionHost: Samantha TaylorJoseph Moore: Pete Lutz of the Narada Radion Company- A Big thanks to Pete for also helping me fine tune some of the scriptCaptain Harvey, Marshall Log Book Superintendent Muirhead- Robert CudmoreAlso, Thank you to Sarah Golding for reading the Flannan Isle Poem, if you want to read the full poem, you can go to our show notes at Hidden Staircase was edited and produced by Samantha Taylor and Shane Watersand the amazing artwork was by Mark Valenzuela Phelam To learn more about the Hidden Staircase and it’s episodes, you can go to accproductions.or/thehiddenstaircaseYou can find us on Facebook at The HIdden Staircase podcast discussion groupand on Twitter at the HiddenpodTo support the Show you can go to’t forget to lock your doors, and hold tight, to your flashlight

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