Listener Tales 40 New Orleans Edition!

05.24.2022 - By Morbid

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Listener Tales 40!!!!! It’s so crazy to think that we’re on episode 40 of these and still you guys make us laugh our booties off! We decided to make this installment of listener tales New Orleans themed because, I’m not sure if you know this, but Alaina wrote a book themed there!!!! This installment features a super spooky ghost tour, a weird theme of hitchhiking and a pair of disappearing fan blades. Hold onto your butts!

You guys have humbled Alaina beyond belief with your response to the presale of her book The Butcher and the Wren. Now, as a thank you, submit your pre-order receipt for a chance to win a personalized video from Alaina discussing some secret details of the behind the scene of creating the story! Submit your receipt here!  

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