Literally! With Rob Lowe

By Stitcher & Team Coco, Rob Lowe

What's Literally! With Rob Lowe about?

Rob Lowe may have a very handsome face, but did you know his brain is also very handsome? In his new podcast, Rob is using that stunning cerebral cortex to discuss topics big and small with his very famous friends--everything from addiction struggles to finding love to the best way to prepare a cornish game hen (slow roasted, in a tarragon reduction). Get the crazy Hollywood anecdotes and surprising insights directly from Rob and his guests' sexy brains right into that sexy brain of your own.

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The Merch Master (w/ Gabrie...


In which Rob and comedian/actor Gabriel Iglesias discuss Tik Tok, compare notes on doing Family Guy, working with Steven Soderbergh, and Gabriel takes Rob on a virtual tour of an unusual collection. Plus: Rob answers a question about being partially ...

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