Live By Your Own Rules To See Powerful Results | Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani | Co-Founder of MindValley

10.22.2021 - By Mindset Elevation - Self Improvement & Motivation

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In this weeks podcast, I speak with Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani who is the co-founder of MindValley.
Kristina shares important and powerful ways to live by your own rules and why a simple change in your life can have profound effects.
By the age of 40, Kristina had two kids, a private office on a top floor, managing hundreds of employees, and glamorous parties such as those at Richard Branson’s private island. But something felt off. Embarking on a journey of rewriting rules she lived by led Kristina to create a transformation quest, "Live By Your Own Rules.”
She is now an international speaker and inspiring role model for those women who feel limited by society’s expectations.
To learn more about Kristina and how she can help with your transformation, visit -
If you feel that something is off or not quite right in your life and you're not sure why, check this out.

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