Live Your Purpose Masterclass Workshop Three: The Evidence-Based Live Your Purpose Roadmap

01.16.2021 - By The Mastin Kipp Podcast

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Welcome to a special episode of the Mastin Kipp Podcast! This episode is taken from the Live Your Purpose free online Masterclass. A free, cutting-edge, and trauma-informed workshop experience to discover and live your life's purpose and finally make an impact with your great work. Click here to join this limited time free Masterclass:   Highlights in this third workshop: Why it's vital to have an evidence-based system to follow. Why we need "dis-confirming" experiences to get lasting results. Why you should never go on a personal development journey alone. A walkthrough of the Live Your Purpose Roadmap. The neuroscience of why we need  "co-regulation" to create permanent change. The value of a customized and personalized plan + experience for YOU. Take a listen and enjoy and I can’t wait to “see” you inside the workshop! Click here to reserve your spot.

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