Lockdown breakdowns

03.01.2021 - By Business Daily

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It’s almost a year since the World Health Organization declared the outbreak of COVID-19 a pandemic. Many embraced working from home to start off with. But has it lost its lustre? We look at the toll it’s taking on people’s mental health. We hear from Matthew Cooper, the co-founder of a start-up called Earn Up, a San Francisco-based financial technology platform that helps people automate their loan payments. He explains why the pandemic contributed to a breakdown at the end of 2020. We also speak to Margaret Heffernan, from the University of Bath, former CEO of five companies and author of several books including Uncharted, who tells us why checking in with staff must be done properly and personally, and hear from Mark Simmonds, the author of the memoir Breakdown and Repair: a fathers tale of stress and success; His own mental health issues led him to completely re-evaluate his career and working practices, and he offers some tips on coping with stress.
Remember if any of the issues in today’s edition affect you, experts agree that it’s important to talk to someone and get support. Do seek the help of a professional mental health body if not a doctor, or friends and family.

Picture: A stock picture shows a woman perched on the end of a bed with a laptop (Credit: Getty)

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