Lorène & Marine Alayse, Singer-songwriters

03.25.2019 - By Spoken Dreams

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Lorène and Marine Alayse are twin sisters from a small town near Lyon, France. Together, they make up the music group L Y S. For the twins, these 3 letters are steeped in meaning. Chasing big dreams wasn't something you just did in small town France, but At 10-years-old, Lorène got sick and was hospitalized for a month. During this time, she and Marine were separated from each other. When they were finally reunited, music was their way to heal and bring themselves closer together. Without even having a conversation about it, they both knew that one day they were going to be in Los Angeles going after their dreams as singers, songwriters, and musicians. Now, they're here, and they're not wasting any time.

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