Lorry Leigh Belhumeur, PhD. Youth, ACEs & Mental Health

05.10.2021 - By The Trauma Therapist

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Dr. Lorry Leigh Belhumeur is a licensed psychologist, serving as Chief Executive Officer at Western Youth Services (WYS) for over 19 years. She received her Ph.D. and M.A. degrees from UCLA.   Under her leadership, WYS provides integrated Mental Health Services to over 50,000 clients both directly and indirectly, with support from their collaborative partnerships.   As a seasoned community leader and fierce advocate for children Lorry brings a fresh approach that reexamines mental health in the context of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and offers solutions that not only treat the predictable negative impact of ACEs but that look upstream to prevent them from happening in the first place.   WYS addresses trauma by examining the impact of toxic stress on clients, their families, and communities. Now more than ever, in the face of this pandemic, it is vital to understand the science behind ACEs and toxic stress and rely on strategies for building resilience to promote healing in this and future generations.     In This EpisodeWestern Youth Services (WYS) WYS’ Methodology

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