LOTS79 - Amanda Dillingham

09.16.2019 - By Life of the School Podcast: The Podcast for Biology Teachers

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Amanda is a Biology teacher at East Boston High School. Amanda has taught a variety of different life science classes throughout her career including Biology, Honors Biology, and AP Biology. Throughout her career, Amanda has been involved in a variety of science programs at EBHS including a science mentoring program with the Umana Academy, EBHS' Annual Science Night event, enrichment programs for AP science classes, including bringing students to Harvard’s Life Science Outreach. Amanda has also helped her students engage STEM Pathway program, a program that seeks to inspire, mentor, train, and empower current and future generations of STEM students, with a focus on underrepresented groups. Amanda is the 2019 recipient of the Outstanding Biology Teacher Award for the state of Massachusetts. You can follow her on twitter @Amandadillingh3

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