268 - Love Letters to Our Creatives: How to Stay True to Yourself as You Evolve w/ Grace Bonney

08.24.2021 - By The Marie Forleo Podcast

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Ready to make a change or share something new — but worried what people will think? In this episode, Gracey Bonney talks about the many ways she’s reinvented her life and business, and how to evolve while staying true to yourself. If you’ve ever worried about being relevant, or let the fear of people’s opinions hold you back from doing something new, this one is a must-listen. This is the fourth installment of a special five-week series we’re doing on The Marie Forleo Podcast called, Love Letters to Our Creatives. Think of each episode as short, little love letters from me to you — reminding you of the important gifts you have, and a little nudge to make the time for your creative work. https://www.marieforleo.com/2016/10/work-life-balance-grace-bonney/

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