124 Love to Lose With Camille Martin

02.01.2021 - By Losing Weight to Gain Control

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Today’s guest on the Losing Weight to Gain Control Podcast is Camille Martin.  Camille is a registered dietitian, public health writer, and former chronic dieter.  She is dedicated to helping women quit dieting, set big goals, reclaim their excitement for life and lose weight in the process.  She spent nearly 25 years of her life on a diet.  She’s passionate about showing women how to break free from the downward dieting spiral of failure and improve their relationship with food.  Camille shows women how setting and achieving a big goal that has nothing to do with losing weight is what will help you lose it.  She is the author of the book, Love to Lose: Love Your Life and Watch the Weight Lose Itself.    How to connect With Camille: Website: CamileMartinMD.com Instagram: Camille_Martin_MD Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/camillemartinrd   How to Connect with Gwen: Website: http://www.thegwenalexander.com Losing Weight to Gain Control Podcast (iTunes): https://bit.ly/losing-weight-to-gain-control-podcast Email: [email protected] Facebook: www.facebook.com/thegwenalexander Instagram:  instagram.com/thegwen1685 Disclaimer: The information provided in this podcast is for informational purposes only.  The views of any guests on the podcast are their own.  The host of this podcast is not a medical doctor, nurse or health professional. You should talk to your doctor, nurse or health professional before you begin any weight loss/maintenance or exercise program.

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