Loving the Snow Life

By Tennille Southcombe & Emma Wilson

What's Loving the Snow Life about?

Have you always wondered how people live a 'snowlife'? How they even know which resort to ski at? Which resorts are the best ones for your ski ability or budget. What to do there as a non-skier, how to eat healthily, how to stay warm, dry, safe and how many layers to wear? Tennille and Emma shed light on all these logistics and interview experts on shopping for snow jackets, snow skis and snow gear. They’ll uncover which snow resorts and brands are eco-friendly and sustainable, which resorts promote activities for disabilities, degenerative conditions, which ones are LGBT friendly and help you live a ‘snow life’.

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Managing Risk in Snow Resorts


Risk is all around us, including in snow resorts and accidents do occasionally happen. How do we manage risk as skiers/ snowboarders? And what about the snow resorts themselves? Where is their responsibility and how do we check they're compliant? ...

Loving the Snow Life episodes: