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07.14.2022 - By Political Gabfest

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This week, David Plotz, John Dickerson, and Mark Leibovich discuss Biden’s 2024 plans, the establishment Republicans who stand by Trump, and Herschel Walker’s alarming Senate campaign.

Here are some notes and references from this week’s show:
Thank You for Your Servitude: Donald Trump's Washington and the Price of Submission, by Mark Leibovich
Anne Applebaum for The Atlantic: “History Will Judge The Complicit”
Mark Leibovich for the New York Times Magazine: “Donald Trump Is Not Going Anywhere”
Mark Leibovich for the New York Times: “Kevin McCarthy, Four Months After Jan. 6, Still on Defensive Over Trump”

Here are this week’s chatters:
John: The New York Times: “168 Writing Prompts to Spark Discussion and Reflection”
Mark: Mark shared his thoughts on whether life was better before cell phones.
David: City Cast DC’s July 12, 2022 newsletter.

Listener chatter from Josie Beyer: Julia Medina for Sleepopolis: “Sleeping While Rowing in the Great Pacific Race”; Lat 35 Racing Team on Instagram
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