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In this episode of the 5 Leadership Questions podcast, Todd Adkins is joined by Steve Graves, strategist and author of Flourishing and 41 Deposits. During their conversation, they discuss what it looks to live out a calling in a secular job and how to tackle difficult tasks.


“Regardless of someone's leadership style and what kind of company they are in, if you are the senior leader it's up to you to set these five things.""Does the gospel have anything to do with some of the hard business issues we face each day?" "Calling is embedded at the very beginning of any leader of faith figuring out what it looks like to live on Monday.""We know that a Millennial thinks and practices in much more of a naturally intuitive, integrated way of life. We know a Baby Boomer certainly had much more performance-based and a segmented way of life.""Every CEO that I have, I will always ask them to pick a knowledge, skill, attitude, or behavior that they really want to grow in.""Every leadership season has to have a serious evaluation at the end of it to answer: am I the right person to still set direction, speed, risk, resources, and culture?""Every Sunday afternoon I will create a seriously intense list of things that must be done that week and everyday I will spend a few minutes checking that list.""Once a leader is clear, most leaders are going to move. Clarity is 70 to 80 percent of the game.""I have a theory that you can move Mt. Everest in 15 minute increments of work."


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Flourishing by Steve Graves

41 Deposits by Steve Graves

Doing Life With Your Adult Children by Jim Burns

The 5 Tasks That Every Senior Leader Needs to Know by Steve Graves

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