Machine Learning for the Mars Rover with Annie Didier - ML 029

05.06.2021 - By Adventures in Machine Learning

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Annie Didier from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab talks to us about the Machine Learning algorithms and process that goes into how the next Mars rover will choose how it moves across the surface of Mars. She explains each algorithm and how they go together to make the decisions that the Rover makes.


Charles Max Wood


Annie Didier


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MAARS - Machine Learning-based Analytics for Automated Rover Systems (Final Presentation)
SCOTI: Science Captioning of Terrain Images for data prioritization and local image search
MAARS: Machine learning-based Analytics for Automated Rover Systems
SULU: Scalable and Distributed Machine Learning Framework with Unified Encoder for Mars Rover Missions
AI4Mars - Zooniverse
LinkedIn: Annie Didier


Annie- When Breath Becomes Air 

Charles- The Martian 
Charles- Back Market


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