Madchester Rage On

10.23.2020 - By OH GOD, WHAT NOW? Formerly Remainiacs

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This week: Will that punishment beating for King In The North Andy Burnham make ex-Red Wallers think again about their unwise pre-Christmas fling with raffish Londoner Boris Johnson? Brexit and Coronavirus merge into COVEXIT, the uncontrollable MegaZoid of misery. Are Schrödinger’s Brexit Talks dead, alive, or both at the same time? And for the first time ever, a thrilling cliffhanger – no scrolling to the end… “Seeing Andy Burnham now is like running into an ex who’s been working out. Like, YOU’VE changed…” – Dorian Lynskey“This government treats everything as a foam block they can just crash through. But they crash against concrete walls over and over again.” – Alex Andreou“This crisis has been shaping up as a populists’ nightmare.” – Yasmeen Serhan“We’ve been trying to analyse what the Government does through the prism of sanity. But this Government is insane.” – Alex AndreouListeners can get 10% off Ian Dunt’s new book How To Be A Liberal using this link. Just add 'HTBAL10' on checkout. Offer ends Oct 30.  Presented by Dorian Lynskey with Yasmeen Serhan, Ian Dunt and Alex Andreou. Produced by Andrew Harrison. Assistant producers: Jacob Archbold and Jelena Sofronijevic. Audio production by Alex Rees. Remainiacs is a Podmasters production. We have big news coming. Be the first to find out exactly what, and get every new episode a whole day early when you back us on the Patreon crowdfunding platform. Get your free download of our theme tune ‘Demon Is A Monster’ by Cornershop.  Our new companion podcast THE BUNKER is now DAILY too. Get it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Acast and more platforms every day. Oh and RSS too. 
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